LaCroix hair is now a thing, because our obsession with sparkling water knows no bounds

Unicorn hair, rainbow hair, sherbert hair… It doesn’t matter where the inspiration for vibrant, multicolored locks comes from — we love it.

This joyful, colorful trend doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon either, and LaCroix hair is apparently now a thing on social media.

Fans of the flavored sparkling water have long touted the classic LaCroix aesthetic as one of the reasons they love the drink so much. Aside from the fact that it’s actually delicious, these nostalgia-inducing cans bring a sense of whimsy to any kitchen. Each flavor comes in its own distinct, colorful can — and now, so can your hair.

If you’ve been wanting to dip your toes into the multicolored hair waters, then this trend might be the perfect excuse to give it a shot. Who doesn’t love happy, bold hair? And when friends find out it’s an homage to everyone’s favorite soda alternative, they’ll flip.

If you’re already blonde, you can even give this trend a spin by using at-home colorful dyes, but if you’ve got dark hair, we definitely recommend having a professional do it for you. You deserve some pampering, anyways.

Would you ever give yourself a LaCroix-inspired hair makeover?

You have to admit, these look ultra-cool.

The unicorn hair trend was gorgeous but definitely focused more on pastel hues. The LaCroix hair movement is much bolder and brighter, perfect for those who really want their hair to stand out.

What do you think?

Picking a flavor of LaCroix as your inspiration would be half the fun of it, too.

Are you more of a Pamplemousse babe or a Berry boo?

They’re so lighthearted and fun.

Are you going to take the plunge? It might be just the trick to lighten up your life during those dark winter months.

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