Hair gems are making a comeback because we’re still not over the ’90s

Back in the day, we couldn’t get enough sparkle in our daily outfits. We wanted it in our clothes, in our makeup, and (of course) in our hair. And while the trend of putting sparkles everywhere may have gone out of mainstream style, it was never actually out of our hearts.

Which is why we’re obsessed with the fact that these sparkly hair gems are (finally) making a mainstream comeback. We can proudly whip back out all the gems we’d been keeping in the back of our drawer for this happy day.

Let’s be honest, these gorgeous little gems can spruce up any style. They can transform your basic ponytail into something fierce:

Or add some out-of-this-world-style to a Boho braid:

And, while the more Hippie-Coachella-style gets a lot of the glittery glory when it comes to adding some sparkle to your hair:

…the beauty of these little gems is that they can even add some spice to an edgy, rockstar-inspired look:

Basically (in case you’d forgotten since the last time you added so much glitz to your ‘do), you can do anything with these small sparkles and take your hair to that next level. While there are a ton of DIY options at any craft store, there are a ton of ready-made options available everywhere. Even the classic hair bedazzler is available again at Target. Because there are some things that became popular in the early ’90s that will never go out of style.


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