Something called hair-freezing exists and it’s weirdly mesmerizing

We’re all for weird hair and experimenting with styles, but we have to say that the international hair-freezing competition takes the cake in terms of “wtf” hair trends. Unsurprisingly it’s exactly what it sounds like, but of course, it takes place in chilly Canada.

The “International Hair Freezing Competition” has been going on every February since 2011 in Whitehorse, Yukton, Canada at the Yukton’s Sourdough Rendezvous, an annual winter festival that takes place to celebrate the rich history of the Yukon.

The actual structure of the competition is simple. Participants hop in the  104°F hot springs, soaking their hair entirely before emerging into subzero temperature and letting their hair grow colder and colder. As their hair starts to freeze, the contestants style their strands into crazy frozen concoctions, taking selfies to send to Takhini Hot Pools, either at the resort’s front desk, Facebook, or email. The winner is announced in March and gets $750 and a pass for 30 free soaks in the hot springs.

And although this is like Frozen come to life, it isn’t a fairytale, so precautions must be taken! Please, PLEASE, do not try this at home! We have to give it up for these brave souls for enduring these frigid conditions in search of the perfect, ice-cold selfie. But we don’t mind keeping our hair hydrated and warm.

But really, how fun are these to look at?! Can you imagine pigtails covered in icy strands, or rainbow hair accented with ice? The #aesthetic inspiration is endless!

For now, we’ll just admire this trend from afar, in our warm abodes, hot water at the ready.

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