100 years of gorgeous hair fashion in one minute flat

Feeling some nostalgic feelings for vintage hair and makeup? This seriously hair-spiring video will scratch that itch. The vid is the first in a series of mash-ups from www.cut.com that takes a deep dive into popular hairstyles over the years. Fun and clever, Mike Gaston from Cut said in an e-mail exchange that the video is part of a new series. “We’ll be exploring the same idea but with models of different ethnicities, body types, gender, and sexual orientation,” he said. We’re super excited to see how they present those next few vids and are mega-happy to hear they’ll be looking at styles for different ethnicities.

Not for nothing, but we also want to explore how the hair and makeup teams achieved that flawless ’40s pinup ‘do and that knockout ’20s bob. It also makes us a little thankful that the 2010 hair style du jour is a messy tousled down ‘do, no need for endless curlers or pins.

Director Blaine Ludy is responsible for the kitschy music and casting the adorable model, Nina Carunder, but women from all decades of this century should be thanked for consistently giving good hair. What’s your fave decade ‘do?

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