I got my hair cut and colored while BLINDFOLDED

It can be super nerve-wracking to get your hair done, even after deciding exactly what look you want and spending hours scrolling through Pinterest to find the perfect inspo pics.

It’s also way more nerve-wracking when you go to your appointment blindfolded.


I’m not what I would call a “risk taker.” When I go to Disneyland, I’d rather eat Dole Whip than go on a ride; I opt for temporary tattoos in lieu of real ones; and I will cross the street to avoid an open grate (and my most certain death). But when it comes to my hair, I will jump out of a metaphorical plane.

So I entrusted Presley Poe from Pravana to give me a hair makeover while I was blindfolded.

Presley, the head colorist at the Pravana Color Collective, is not only ubertalented, she is inspirationally generous. She recently started a movement called Stylists Empowering Women, which allows hair stylists to donate a makeover to a woman in need (you should check it out here). Her Instagram is filled with bright colors and incredible undercuts.

I was a little worried that Presley might dye my hair a vivid color (or colorS) that I couldn’t handle. But that’s what taking risks is all about, right?


On the day of my blindfolded ~transformation~, Presley asked me a bunch of questions about my life, my personality, my dreams — it was a cross between a therapy session and a palm reading, After my eyes were covered, she mixed up the dye and got to work. Without my sight, my other senses became super heightened. The dye was extra cold, people’s footsteps were extra loud, and everything smelled like the inside of a blow-dryer. I was hoping my scalp would be able to sense what color Presley was using, but I couldn’t guess.

I started playing out worst case scenarios in my head: What if I hated the end result? Should I fake happiness? Should I be honest? Should I just grab the scissors and cut all of my hair off there and then?

As she rinsed out the dye, and I knew there was no turning back, my heart started beating pretty hard. I thought, “Okay, the worst is over. You will be fine.”

But then I heard the snipping.


Presley promised me that she was giving me a cool haircut, but I was NOT prepared by how the sound of the scissors cutting my hair made me panic. Long wet strands fell into my lap and I had to deep breathe like a pregnant woman giving birth in a sitcom. (It didn’t help.)

Because she is a *pro* at hairs, but also the emotions that come along with hairs, Prelsey guided me through the experience like a Gandalf of styling. She took the blindfold off for a few minutes to put some makeup on my eyes, but kept me far away from any mirrors. My eyes barely adjusted to the intense light, and it felt more and more bizarre that I had no idea what I looked like. To be honest, I got a little nervous she was putting makeup on me to distract from how cray cray my hair turned out.

It seemed to take an eternity for Presley to blow-dry my hair. My palms were sweaty (knees weak, arms were heavy). I had to remind myself not to hold my breath, and tried to relax my eyes in the darkness behind the blindfold.

Finally, after five hours and six tubes of color, it was time for the big reveal.



Or Rose Gold to be precise. Presley saturated my noggin with six tubes of Pravana Rose Gold and gave me the cutest ’60s-inspired bangs ever!

I really do feel like Presley looked deep into my soul to find the perfect color for me. Pink has played a huge part in my emotional life: When I first moved to Los Angeles, I went through a painful breakup right as I was trying to figure out who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. I needed control so badly, and dyeing my hair bubblegum pink seemed like the perfect way to find some. Five years later, this gorgeous (very professional) pink hair is such a “full circle” moment. I’m excited to wear the color with some of the confidence I didn’t have the first time around.

So, would I do a blindfolded makeover again? 100% yes!! I am a total daredevil, er, hairdevil. Should YOU do a blindfolded makeover? Eh, only if you hear the calling. If not a blindfolded hair transformation, maybe take another minor risk, like wearing a bold lipstick or striking up conversation with a stranger. It can be fun, and maybe even a little bit beautiful.

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