“Hair contouring” is the latest hair trend, and it’s stunning

If you are anything like me, contouring with makeup is easily the most confusing thing in the world. OK, maybe not the world, but in the makeup world. I’ve just recently figured out how to wing my eyeliner KIND OF and now I’m supposed to put like a bunch of random lines on my face and somehow blend them all together and look amazing and chiseled and defined and like Kim Kardashian except not at all like Kim Kardashian obviously? If you, like me, are confused about contouring, I have either good or bad news for you.

Among the million pretty, odd, and sometimes just WTF  hair trends this spring and summer, a new category leader has emerged: Hair contouring is very much a real thing, and it’s actually far less complicated than trying to contour with makeup. (Mostly because you pay someone to do it for you.)

So, how does it work? Hair contouring is basically balayage (a hair painting technique that leaves a less stripy, more natural look to highlights than foils)’s not-so-distant cousin, so if you have wanted to try out the ombre/ balayage trend, now is the time! Hair contouring is achieved with freehand coloring and—beyond just looking really gorgeous and natural—it’s meant to better frame your face by highlighting parts like cheekbones and giving the whole thing a lift. According to colorist Nick Penna via Allure:

Who knew your hair color could help shape your face?

The real question I have is what if you perfectly contour your face with makeup and you ALSO get your hair colored to contour? Do you achieve perfect contour status??

I have said contour too many times and now I don’t think it’s a real word.

Of course our girl Chrissy Teigen has the most perfect hair, contouring and all.

Searching #haircontouring on Instagram will give you plenty of examples to show your hair stylist.

As if we haven’t spent enough of our lives envying Jennifer Aniston’s hair…  

There are so many great examples of hair contouring if you need inspiration! Have fun with this perfect fall hair trend! 

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