Comb nails are here, so you can literally brush your hair with your manicure

While combing through Instagram, you may have noticed a new type of nail art: comb manicures. As in, a manicure curated into the shape of a hair comb. What is happening? We’re not sure, but we’re low-key obsessed.

Last week, Russian nail art chain Nail Sunny posted a hypnotizing video on Instagram of the comb manicures being created. They started with long, acrylic nails, which were shaped accordingly with a file. This is where it gets totally interesting: the manicurist then uses a drill to shape the nail into a hair comb. The nail comb is then buffed to pristine shape and topped off with a coating of nail polish.

Here’s a close-up of the finished comb manicure.

We have so many questions. How was this genius, bizarre manicure idea conceived? It certainly isn’t the strangest manicure trend to grace the beauty world. Remember hairy selfie nails? And nipple nail art? Those were…interesting.

Hair comb manicures aren’t the first out-of-the-box beauty idea Nail Sunny has conceived either. Earlier this month, they shared an Instagram post showcasing cutlery and toothbrush comb nail art.

Talk about innovative.

Suddenly, the hair comb manicures doesn’t seem as absurd. If you need us, we’ll be combing through the rest of Nail Sunny’s peculiar nail designs. And yes, the pun is intended.

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