These Are the 7 Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2021, According to Celebrity Stylists

Mushroom blonde and bronde foliage are so pretty.

Ready or not, we’re officially in the new year. The first week of January is all about ushering out old habits and welcoming fresh starts. And since we know you (and everyone else) said a big ol’ goodbye to everything 2020 put you through—we’re talking about at-home haircuts and months between salon visits—we think it’s time to keep the celebrations going and treat ourselves to a new color, so we caught up with the industry’s top celebrity hairstylists to break down each trend. Ahead, the top hair color trends for 2021 that you’ll want to screenshot and send to your stylist. 

1. Mushroom blonde

“Mushroom blonde is the perfect choice when you don’t know when your next trip to the salon will be, because it looks great on a lot of different hair types,” says Trey Gillen, artistic director of education at Sachajuan. It marries browns, beiges, and grays, and “when applied off the roots, the color looks natural and grows out smoothly,” he says. So, blondes can use this color to darken for the season, while brunettes can ask for it to lighten their locks. 

2. Copper ginger

We know this bold hue is trending thanks to everyone marathoning Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, but this color is also for those looking to grab more attention in 2021. This rich color blends copper, auburn, and blonde, which “shows that copper hair is not only for fair complexions but can also be warmed up for golden tones or cooled down,” says George Papanikolas, celebrity colorist and Matrix brand ambassador. To achieve this look, you’ll need a salon appointment and a home care routine that includes “an acid-based toner to seal the cuticle and reduce fading,” he says. 

3. Money piece 2.0

The face-framing money piece was huge for 2020, not only because it’s a ’90s throwback but also because it’s an easy way for all hair textures to play with color. This trend is spilling into January, especially for naturally black hair, because it gives it the chance to look more dimensional thanks to “face-framing golden-brown pieces added in,” explains Gillen. Ask your stylist to add blue pieces if you’re feeling bold, as playful colors will continue to trend into 2021.

4. Glossy black

People who love having black hair typically don’t like change, which is why this 2021 update offers a subtle difference. It gives the hair the “right shine and movement without looking inky and solid,” explains Papanikolas. While in the chair, ask your stylist to “gloss you with a sheer acidic brunette toner,” he says. Then, maintain at home with a green-based shampoo to keep unwanted red tones from showing.

5. Rose gold pastel

“Pink is here to stay,” says Tiffanie Richards, colorist at Nunzio Saviano Salon in Manhattan. To get the perfect playful pink, she says to go to your stylist so they can get the hair blonde enough and ready for the first application of pink. Then, clients can maintain the look at home with fewer wash days and a replenishing weekly hair mask.

6. Bronde foliage

Bronde foliage is the perfect color for brunette clients who want their hair to look natural but better. Richards uses “face-framing and ombre-type highlights, because this will seamlessly blend golden hues into their brown hair,” she says.

7. Classic chestnut

Natural brunettes are opting to look as natural as they can for 2021 with tones that offer deep richness. Gillen says to ask your stylist to “add undertones of auburn and gold to create a rich, natural-looking brown similar to a chestnut.”  

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