This incredible hair artist is like a real-life Edward Scissorhands

You don’t have to be a painter or a sculptor to be an artist. You don’t even have to use traditional art supplies at all. Sometimes art can be created out of the simplest things, like hair. Or even salt. Salt, you guys! But we’ll get to that later. Back to the hair…

Rob Ferrel is a barber in San Antonio, Texas, but TBH he’s much, much more than a barber. On Instagram, where he has over 235,000 followers and goes by Rob the Original, he refers to himself as a creative artist, and we couldn’t agree more. What he can do with a person’s ordinary head of hair is unbelievable. Check it out…

Yes, that’s a portrait of Salvador Dali meticulously shaved and cut into a person’s hair. We especially love Dali’s mustache. I mean, wow. So how does someone become so amazing at something like this? With A LOT of practice. Having a natural gift for drawing doesn’t hurt either. Rob told Cosmopolitan,”When I started cutting hair in the neighborhood, I’d cut stars and zigzag lines into kids’ haircuts and they’d turn out pretty good. So, people started asking if I could do drawings. It’s been a gift of mine to be able to draw. Of course I had to figure out my own technique with the buzzer and scissors, which took time.​”

On his website, Rob says he “sees art in everything around us, and is constantly pushing boundries to see how far his talents can take him.” We love this attitude. There seems to be no end to the variety of subjects Rob the Original has created. He’s tackled sports figures, musicians, superheroes, animals, celebrities, characters from movies and television and even politicians. That’s right. Politicians. Last week, when Hillary Clinton was in San Antonio on a campaign stop, Rob gave one of his longtime customers a Hillary haircut. Literally.

As if these works of art weren’t already impressive enough, Rob can even create portraits from the hair leftover after a haircut. We’re talking about the clippings on the floor that are usually swept into a pile and throw into the trash. You won’t believe what Rob can do with those. It’s INSANE.

Yes, that just happened. Our minds are completely blown.

Rob doesn’t even need hair at all, though. He can make a portrait out of just about anything. Like salt…

And you know the dust that builds up on your car windows when you haven’t been to the carwash in a while? He can even make something amazing out of that, too.

We’ll never look at our dirty cars (or our salt shakers or our hair!) the same way again.

(Images via @robtheoriginal on Instagram.)

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