The new hair accessory that’ll solve all your life problems

I’m a pretty type-A person. As such, I am efficient and love to get things done quickly, and with as few ingredients or otherwise applicable pieces of equipment as possible.

So when I find out that something like the Clippa – a cute hair clip that doubles as a tiny mobile toolbox – exists in the world, my efficiency-loving self is overjoyed.

The Clippa, created by Yaacov Goldberg and whose first model was launched worldwide last year by Monkey Business, now comes in two new models: the Lady and the Blackfin. Each of these clips, aside from being a sturdy hair accessory, offers a slightly different set of tools for when you’re out and about and need a quick fix for everyday issues like loose screws in your glasses, a broken nail, or – let’s be real, the most important emergency – an unopened beer bottle.

The OG comes with two screwdrivers, a saw/cutting edge, a wrench, a ruler, and a trolley coin:

“We saw the response to the original and knew that this item has appeal,” Omri Friedland, a Monkey Business representative, told TODAY Style. “But some users wrote to us that they were concerned that the cutting edge on the original design would cut their hair and this prompted us to look at options without the saw.” Good point.

So as a result of these differing consumer needs, the new Lady model doesn’t include the saw – but it does include a bottle opener, ruler, screwdriver, nail file, and scraper. Oh, and it’s hot pink!

And the Blackfin offers everything the Lady does, but also a box opener and serrated knife:

The original clip is made from stainless steel, while the two new models are made from both steel and metal – so they’re actually super sturdy, which is impressive considering their small size and many uses.

I think I speak for all of us when I say, what will they think of next? Your move, beauty giants.

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