21 glorious hair accessories from the ’90s that you can buy on Amazon

Even though it’s 2018, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a ’90s throwback. From music to fashion to beauty, the ’90s were filled with some amazing gems, especially when it came to hair accessories. Most recently, Bella Hadid brought back the painful stretch comb when she walked down the runway during New York Fashion Week. So the hairpieces of the ’90s are definitely making a comeback.

If you’re ready to wear some of your old hair accessory faves or feel like reminiscing, we rounded up a list of ‘90s hair pieces that we plan on bringing back. Because let’s be honest, nothing compares to the looks of the ’90s — like, as if. And to make everything better, you can find all of the glorious hair accessories from the ’90s on Amazon.

In need of some new velvet scrunchies? Feel like throwing some colorful beads on the ends of your cornrows? In need of some crimpy waves? Whatever hairstyle you’re feeling, Amazon has your ’90s needs covered.

1Ondder Elastic Velvet Scrunchies 13-Pack


Scrunchies are making a comeback, and now’s the time to get a colorful assortment of them.

2Conair Quick Twist


Create fun, twisted braids in minutes with this throwback hair tool.

3Hicarer Mini Butterfly Hair Clips


These butterfly mini hair clips made everyone’s hair SO much cooler. It’s a perf accessory for Coachella, too.

4Goody Girls Self-Hinge Hair Barrettes


As a kid, we couldn’t wait to get our hair braided so we could snap these on the ends.

5Sweat Wicking Stretchy Bandana Headband


A headband that will give you instant style.

6eBoot Multi-Color Elastic Rubberbands


The perfect accessory to use after you’re done styling your hair with the Conair Quick Twist.

7Teemico Quick Beader


Another helpful tool to accessorize our twisty braids. The heart details add a nice touch.

86-Pack Banana Clip


Achieve the ultimate ponytail with this banana clip.

9Tara Girls Twinbead Bubble Ponytail Holder


Whether you called them knockers or ballies, we remember sitting on the floor as our mom covered our hair in them.

10Hotop 50-Pack Metal Snap Hair Clips


Not only were these fun to open and close, but every gymnast, dancer, and cheerleader knew these were a lifesaver.

11Circular Flexible Hair Comb Headband


Commonly referred to as the zig zag headband or the stretch comb headband, these accessories were always fun to wear.

12Patented OOO Hair Ties


This is the hair tie that doubled as a chic bracelet. Shout out to the ‘90s innovators.

13Neon Multi-Color Mix Plastic Pony Beads


These beads elevated any hair look.

14Yueton Gold Butterfly Hair Clip 2-Pack


We’re petitioning to have these golden beauties back.

15Conair Quick Gems Hair Jeweler


Your jacket? Bejeweled. Your backpack? Bejeweled. It only made sense that your hair was, too.

16Abody 4-in-1 Hair Crimper


In the ’90s, it was all about crimped hair.

17Mini Hair Snap Claw Clip


Every cool girl wore these tiny claw clips to pull back their bangs.

18Prettyyou Large Hair Claw Banana Clip


This hair clip saves us every time when we need to quickly pull our hair back.

19Conair Topsy Tail Kit


The topsy tail revolutionized ponytails forever. Get yours and show off that upside down high pony.

20Tara Girls Self-Hinge Plastic Flower Hair Barrettes


These flower barrettes always added a little pizzazz to our hair looks.

21Mini Flower Hair Clips


Just like the butterfly clips, these flower-themed ones were all the rage.