11 hair accessories from the 90s you forgot you were obsessed with

Hairstyle trends of the nineties are of a very specific breed. They’re immediately recognizable: crimped waves, oversized scrunchies, impractical hair clips in the shape of butterflies or daisies. And remember the good ol’ Topsy Tail hair tool that inverted your half-up hairdo into a cool twist? No? Maybe it was just my mom that used that thing on me all the time. I thought it was ~so~ cool.

Anyway, in the modern days of the lob, the ombre, and the seemingly effortless (but not actually effortless) beachy wave, it can be fun to reminisce on the wild hair days of the nineties. Without further ado, here are our favorite nineties hair accessories from the days of yore.



Personally, DJ Tanner from Full House was my scrunchie trend guru, but the scrunchie was everywhere at the time.

2Fluffy Things


Did fluffy things like these make sense? No, but Cher from Clueless wore fluffy things in her hair, so we wore fluffy things in our hair.

3Colored Metal Clips


Why wear a plain metal clip when you can wear a metal clip with stars and the moon on them??

4Big Claw Clips


Looking back on it, we don’t really know why we wanted our hair to look like a floppy tarantula piled at the back of our head, but hey, it was definitely a thing.

5Poofy Clips


Pretty sure that the only requirement for whether or not a hair accessory was cool in the nineties was if it had a least two neon colors.

6Daisy Clips


If you didn’t have neon-colored daisy clips in the nineties, were you even a nineties kid?

7Bedazzled Clips


If your clips didn’t have color, then they sure as heck better have had bling.

8Butterfly Clips


Now these were (and still our) perhaps our most beloved nineties hair trend. Do we still have these somewhere in the back of one of our bathroom drawers? We’ll admit it if you do.



Bandanas as crop tops, bandanas as hair accessories, bandanas bandanas bandanas.

10Bobble Hair Ties


No, plain black hair ties were not acceptable in the nineties. If it didn’t shimmer or have some form of molded plastic, it wasn’t trendy.

11Jeweled Headbands


Long live the bedazzled headband, forever (in our nineties hearts) may it reign.

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