Here’s what Haim says about possibly collaborating with Taylor Swift

Brace yourselves, because the odds of a pretty stellar musical matchup happening are in our favor. In a recent interview with ES Magazine, Haim addressed the idea of collaborating with Taylor Swift, and they all but invited Tay to join them in the studio.

Fine, those weren’t their exact words, so we’ll put the pause on mentally outlining music video wardrobe and set ideas for the time being. But the “Want You Back” singers are open to having Swift join them on a song.

Band member Alana responded to ES‘ question about possibly working with Swift, telling the mag, “The door is always open.”


Unfortunately, the band didn’t offer any further details, and as Cosmopolitan UK points out, Haim offered some rather cryptic responses to any questions surrounding their girl T. Swift.

Hmm…maybe, just maybe, they’re taking the tight-lipped approach because they’d rather stick to solid facts, and as it stands this would-be collaboration remains a mere fantasy for which fans have been waiting since at least, um…forever.

Either way, we’re super pumped about the prospect of the devoted squad members getting together to create sonic sweetness. When it comes to what a Haim and Swift song would sound like, your guess is as good as ours. Though we would venture to say it would sound like Tay’s “I Wish You Would,” which we think is super Haim-inspired. But since they’re super duper close, we could easily see them recording some sort of #girlboss anthem about how they all support and show one another love.

Yeah, we’re in total daydream mode, but if Haim can inspire Swift’s return to social media, getting her to record a track with them should be light work.

Your move, Taylor!

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