Hailey Bieber’s Princess Diana-lookalike sweatshirt is only $60, and we need it

Hailey Bieber channeled icon Princess Diana in her recent Vogue Paris photo shoot, and now you can, too. In true Diana fashion, Bieber rocked all of the sweatshirts, biker shorts, and high socks-and-sneakers combos you could imagine. The photo shoot honored the 22nd anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death by reminding us of all the sartorial inspiration she gifted the world over the years.

Mango shared one of the faux-paparazzi photos of Bieber posing as Princess Di on Instagram and revealed that the cream “B” sweatshirt she wore is from Mango Man.

We love a comfy and stylish sweatshirt no matter where we find it, so we’re all about this royal-inspired one. It’s giving us high school throwback vibes with the sportswear striped sleeves, and its low price-point of $59.99 doesn’t hurt either. We can totally imagine snuggling up in this cozy top during the fall like Hailey snuggles up to Justin Bieber…we imagine.

Hailey Bieber’s sweatshirt isn’t exactly the same as the “USA” one that Princess Di wore. It sports a giant “B” instead. (We’re throwing a wild guess out there and positing that it might stand for Bieber.) Shop the sweatshirt that’s serving preppy vintage vibes below.

Embroidered varsity sweatshirt


Shop it Mango

Get cozy in your own B-for-Bieber (or whatever you so choose) sweatshirt this fall.

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