Hailey Bieber got candid about the “really scary” time Justin Bieber was sick before his Lyme diagnosis

In wake of the news that Justin Bieber was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Hailey Bieber is shedding some light on how the diagnosis affected her and their young marriage. When the couple had just tied the knot (for the first time, legally), Justin was extremely ill, but doctors couldn’t nail down a diagnosis. Hailey divulged what being a newlywed was like during this tough time, and how she loved him through it.

In Elle‘s March cover story, Hailey revealed the difficulties she and Justin faced during their first year of marriage, and how outside opinions only increased the stress.

Hailey and Justin first sparked wedding rumors in September 2018, after they were spotted visiting the New York marriage bureau. They didn’t officially announce that they were married (with stunning pictures of Hailey’s wedding veil, BTW) until the next year, September 30th, 2019. In her new interview, Hailey explains that they delayed their wedding as her husband’s illness took center stage in their lives. She says that “putting a wedding in the middle of all that would be really hectic and stressful.”

“It was months of me being a new wife trying to help him figure out what was wrong and what was going on," she said. "Now he’s perfectly healthy. But going through that and then trying to be like, ‘So where does our wedding fit into this?’ didn’t feel like the vibe at all.

Hailey elaborated on the toll Justin’s illness took on the couple, and how outsiders only made everything more stressful and difficult with their judgments about Justin’s appearance.

"He was really sick. He has Lyme disease, and he was dealing with a bunch of medical stuff, " Bieber told Elle. "We didn’t have a diagnosis. And it was hard because everybody from the outside was being super mean and judgmental, saying he looked like he was on drugs, saying how unhealthy he looked, when in truth, he was not healthy and we didn’t know why.

In an Instagram post revealing his diagnosis with Lyme disease, Justin Bieber acknowledged how people’s judgments can be hurtful, especially when they have no idea what’s actually going on.


Although they didn’t celebrate with a giant wedding when they first made things official, Hailey and Justin dove right into marriage, dealing with tough circumstances immediately.

“We went straight into figuring out the hard stuff. Because you never know what can happen with someone’s health. When you don’t know what’s happening, it’s really scary,” he said.


Throughout it all, Hailey remains firm that the couple is stronger than ever. We’re sending love their way, and hoping people will start realizing that everyone is battling things unbeknownst to us, so refrain from judgement.

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