Hailey Bieber Added a New Hand Tattoo to Her Collection

She's the queen of delicate hand ink.

At this point, we’d feel pretty confident crowning Hailey Bieber the queen of the tiny tattoos, because her collection is seemingly endless. One of Bieber’s go-to tattoo artists, Dr. Woo, just revealed the newest addition to the collection of tiny tattoos on her hands, and it’s an intricate design that you’ll want to copy as soon as you see it.

Dr. Woo shared two black-and-white photos of Bieber’s new ink on his Instagram page on Monday, August 31st.

In his post, he noted that he “a bit more to the symbols on hand awhile back,” so it’s not clear exactly when she got it. Bieber did tell told The Cut in 2018 that she planned to “chill out for a second” on adding more ink because she was running out of places to put them, but where’s the fun in that?

The slim needle ink—among Dr. Woo’s specialties, in which a single needle is used to create delicate lines, typically using grey or black ink—shows a linear decoration of symbols, arrows, and dots that run along the outside of her hand. It’s a totally dreamy tat that complements the other slim needle artwork she has lining her fingers.

We’ll take this as proof that Bieber hasn’t run out of space to continue adding to her impressive tattoo collection. Check out more of Dr. Woo’s art on her hands in this older post below:

Hailey herself hasn’t yet shown off her fresh ink on her Instagram page, but we would really love to see more. She’s always great inspo for those tiny, delicate tattoos, and it’s got us thinking of a hand tattoo of our own.

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