Hailey Bieber’s Go-To Product for Chapped Lips Is Under $14 on Amazon

The model says she "cannot go to bed without" using this drugstore product.

Hailey Bieber just dropped her nighttime skincare routine and it’s packed with luxe products and skin-nourishing techniques. In the latest video for her new YouTube channel, Bieber shows off her nine-product process, explaining how she uses a number of cleansers, oils, and serums to remove her makeup and hydrate her skin before bed. While she doesn’t give much attention to the specific product names, there’s one that she gushes about—and it happens to be just $14 on Amazon.

As the last step in her skincare routine, Bieber applies Aquaphor Healing Ointment to her lips. “Something I legitimately cannot go to bed without doing is lip balm,” she says. “I hate chapped lips; I hate when they feel dry; it’s truly one of my biggest pet peeves.” Bieber says the drugstore product is her “go-to” for healing chapped lips. “I think it’s the best lip balm,” she says.


Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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She adds that also likes the product to address any other extra parched areas on her skin, like when she has a cold and has been blowing her nose a lot, for example. “If I have really flaky, dry patches anywhere on my skin…I would go in and put a little extra Aquaphor on those areas,” she says.

Bieber’s love for Aquaphor is nothing new. In 2019, the model told InStyle that about the many uses she gets out of the affordable product for glowy, healthy-looking skin. “I swear by Aquaphor,” she said. “I use it everywhere, like as a lip conditioner and on my eyebrows.”

She even added, “If I was stuck somewhere and I needed to look presentable and had zero makeup, I would put a little bit on as a highlighter and on my lips. It’s a good multipurpose product.”

Grab a 14-ounce tub of Aquaphor from Amazon now, because according to Bieber’s reviews, your entire face will thank you later.

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