Hailey Baldwin makes a truly perfect workout Barbie

She’s a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Though she’s not in plastic, Hailey Baldwin looks fantastic as a Barbie for Halloween. Hailey has been super excited for Halloween all month, and now we know why: her fitness Barbie costume is a retro dream, and we’re living for it.

Hailey crushed it as an ’80s workout Barbie at a Halloween party on Monday night, and her all-pink ensemble is equal parts fierce and adorable. Hailey wasn’t yet born in the ’80s, but she managed to pull off a Jazzercise-inspired costume pretty damn flawlessly. And, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to be a Barbie girl for a night?!


The 19-year-old model posed with pals at a party and looked like a bubblegum princess from head to toe. She rocked a cotton candy pink Barbie bodysuit with a white off-shoulder top underneath. She accessorized with fishnets, high socks, Adidas kicks with a signature ’80s high ponytail and pink headband. All that’s missing is a Jane Fonda workout tape, and she’s good to go.

Of course, no Barbie costume is complete without her signature bubblegum pout, which Hailey pulled off incredibly. Honestly, we’ve got so much FOMO over this party — we wish we could have been invited. Check out a couple more pictures of Hailey having a great time on Halloween, and try not to get “Barbie Girl” stuck in your head.

The best part about this costume? Hailey didn’t need a Ken doll to complete the look — she rocked it all on her own. Take that, boys!

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