Hailey Baldwin was a hardcore Jelena stan way back in 2011, and we couldn’t make this up if we tried

Admit it: no matter how turbulent their relationship eventually became, at some point you were rooting for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. It’s a phase that most of us can understand, and apparently, no one is immune — not even the future Mrs. Bieber herself. According to some tweets from way back in 2011 and 2012, Hailey Baldwin was actually a huge Jelena stan… and that’s kind of awkward now, seeing as she’s set to marry Bieber herself.

Since Bieber and Baldwin officially announced their engagement on July 9th, their upcoming wedding is pretty much all we can think about. But now, a fun little layer has been added to this relationship because, according to Baldwin’s very old tweets, she used to root for Bieber and Gomez’s relationship — like, hard.

These posts, which were uncovered by Cosmopolitan and The Cut, were all shared in 2011 and 2012. In one, she’s calling Bieber and Gomez “the definition of a teenage dream,” and at one point, it even sounded like she was bumming out about one of their many breakups.

Can we talk about this? And can we also talk about the fact that Baldwin was 15 when she tweeted this?

She also tweeted these little gems: false false

OMG, precious girl! If only Baldwin had known back then what her future had in store for her. Not only would she not end up forever alone, but she would also end up with Bieber herself. What are the chances that someone who was a fan of his when she was younger would actually end up becoming his wife? (We mean, we guess there was a good chance. This is Hollywood, after all.)

Even though this relationship seems like it has been a total whirlwind, this little detail actually makes it that much more adorable. We wonder if Bieber has seen these tweets? Maybe he and Baldwin are having a laugh about this right now.