Hailey Baldwin dancing to Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” in basketball shorts and a sports bra is perfection

Dancing to Britney Spears should be a mandatory daily activity across the nation. If we all spent three to seven minutes regularly shaking our booties to the vibrations of Britney, the world would be an infinitely more beautiful and bearable place. So when we saw Hailey Baldwin dancing to Britney Spears on Instagram, we felt our souls pulse with the confirmation of this truth.

Find us a person who CAN’T get down to “Baby One More Time” and we’ll show you a person who needs deep spiritual healing. Or at least, a briefer on the importance of pop music and Britney’s iconic contributions.

It looks like Hailey and her hair stylist have been working on their choreography for a minute because that jump spin requires serious coordination.

We’ll be waiting for a full YouTube version to drop because we know Hailey has that ballet background waiting to evolve into an Instagram-based pop dance career.

We are taking this as a cue to pull out our favorite Britney track, and let our booty do its thing.

It’s almost the weekend.

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We are 100% okay with the pop pulse of Britney hitting us one more time.

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We encourage you to follow Hailey’s lead and take a few minutes out of your day to shake it, it’s what Britney intended.