Hailee Steinfeld (Taylor Swift’s bestie) sets the record straight about the difference between squads and cliques

We’ve been a little obsessed with Hailee Steinfeld lately. From dropping her 2015 hit, “Love Myself,” to her soulful performance in Pitch Perfect 2, to her commitment to visiting children’s hospitals all across America. But nothing tipped the scales to total *~Hailee fandom~* like her recent induction into the Taylor Swift #girlsquad.

First, she slayed as triplets (or clones) Trinity in the Bad Blood music video.

Then, she was seen performing alongside Taylor on the 1989 Tour. 

Last year, Hailee appeared with Zendaya, Lily Aldridge, and Martha Hunt on Swift’s stage. (See above.)

Finally, Hailee has become first on the guestlist at Taylor Swift’s epic (often July 4th) blowouts.


But all this #squadtalk has us asking – what’s the difference between a “squad” and a “clique”?  Luckily, the Oscar-nominee has some insights on the topic.

After performing at the launch of Swarovski’s new Crystaldust Collection, Hailee took some time to speak to Seventeen.


When asked if she thought there was a difference between a clique and a squad, Hailee responded,

"I don't think so."

The word “clique” typically has a negative connotation, used to refer to a group of friends who often exclude all people who don’t fit their idea of “fitting in” to the group itself. And in recent months, actress Chloe Grace Moretz has decried Swift’s group is just that – an exclusionary clique.

So when Seventeen asked if Hailee still uses the word “squad,” she said,

"I don't use it, though. I feel like it closes off."


There you have it. There’s something to be learned here. Is your own #squad a positive, open group of friends? Or, does your group shut others out in an effort to appear “exclusive” like a clique? Language is important, folks! Now go out there and be excellent to each other!