Hailee Steinfeld is officially signed on for ‘Pitch Perfect 3’

Is it July 21, 2017 yet? No? Darn. Because that’s when Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters. And we cannot. Contain. Our. Chill.

We already know Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will be returning as Beca and Fat Amy for the third installment. And today, we heard even more aca-awesome news: Hailee Steinfeld will be back, too, along with Brittany Snow.

“I’m all in. I can’t wait,” Hailee told E!. “It’s all happening!”

The last time we saw Hailee’s character, Emily, she was finishing her freshman year as a Barden Bella. And Brittany’s character Chloe was co-leading the Bellas to victory with Beca. What will they be up to now? You might remember the second Pitch Perfect movie took place a few years in the future, so everything is on the table at this point.

Maybe Emily will be making music out of her dorm room with Beca. Maybe Beca will be a big-shot music producer. Maybe Fat Amy will be one of Beyoncé’s backup dancers! Or maybe it will be 10 years in the future and everyone has somehow returned to Barden as music teachers and a cappella advisors. We can only dream. Whatever happens, we’re on board. As long as everyone sings ‘Cups’ together again. (They have to, right?)

Pitch Perfect is a genuine, feel-good display of female awesomeness — both in front of and behind the camera. Its killer cast of leading ladies absolutely crush it. And behind the scenes, the writer/director duo of Kay Cannon and Elizabeth Banks will return as well. Lady power at its finest.

The countdown to Pitch Perfect 3 is on! We can’t wait to see who else returns for the next film.

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