Hailee Steinfeld posted a perfectly-captioned photo from the set of ‘Pitch Perfect 3’


We’re all on pins and needles for Pitch Perfect 3. Because, you know, the first two were SO ACA-MAZING. PP3 is set to come out December 22nd of this year. Yes, we’ve only made a slight dent in January, so this will be a slightly aca-gonizing wait. But we have so much to look forward to! All our favorites are back! Anna Kendrick! Rebel Wilson! Hailee Steinfeld!  Elizabeth Banks! Plus some new blood with Ruby Rose, who we hope messes with the status quo with the same awesomeness with which she shook things up on Orange Is The New Black.

For a hot minute, there was some concern that Hailee Steinfeld might not be in the third installment of Pitch Perfect.

The rumor mill started freaking out on January 5th. Rebel Wilson posted a pic of the Barden Bellas on day one of production. Everyone was there. Everyone except, ya know, Steinfeld.


Of course, a little internet digging would tell any fan that Hailee Steinfeld was absolutely going to be in the third movie. In fact, she was one of the first people to sign on. Still, just to make sure the rumors were put to rest, Steinfeld took to Instagram to post a reassuring pic with a pitch perfect headline (pun ABSOLUTELY intended).

Relax pitches, Steinfeld is absolutely coming back for Pitch Perfect 3. She’s a Bella for life! We love our reassurance with a healthy side of sass. Also, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give Steinfeld big ups on her midriff-bearing Esprit sweater. If that doesn’t give you mid/late ’90s nostalgia fashion goals, we don’t know what will.

Hailee didn’t give a reason why she wasn’t in the Day One picture, but it might have had a little something to do with fact that three days later, on January 8th, the Golden Globes went down. Steinfeld was nominated this year for her hilarious and heartbreaking leading lady turn in The Edge of Seventeen. 


Now we’ll just hang out and wait for more PP3 peeks. We’re so excited for this movie, you guys, December can’t come soon enough.