Officially pumped for Hailee Steinfeld’s debut album, which officially drops this month

With her smash hit “Love Myself” still bumping steadily through the airwaves, 18 year-old Hailee Steinfeld will be releasing her debut EP, HAIZ on November 13 via Republic Records.

She confirmed the good news on her Twitter Monday afternoon:

Considering the success of “Love Myself” (it was named by Top 40 radio as the “highest solo female artist debut at the format since 1998), it’s hard to believe HAIZ is Steinfeld’s first EP. Rest assured, the new record is chock full three more heart pounding anthems like “Hell No’s and Headphones,” “Rock Bottom,” and “You’re such A”.

Considering the song titles, we’re expecting an all-encompassing sample platter of Hailee Steinfeld goodness. If you don’t believe us, check out this acapella teaser she shared on her Instagram page last week. Talk about range!

HAIZ comes out the same day (November 13) as Justin Bieber’s Purpose and One Direction’s Made in the A.M., so be sure to plan your listening sessions accordingly, pop lovers.

For now, mull over this track listing she posted yesterday and dream about the possibilities:

(Image via Instagram)

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