Haiku: The Weekend

I live for the weekend.

I guess that is an obvious statement. I mean, does anyone not live for the weekend? I could not leave my house for 48 hours and still be happy on Saturday and Sunday. I could go out every minute of every day and be happy! Whatever the weekend activity, I am mostly just thankful it’s the weekend.

To celebrate, here are seven haiku about my favorite time of the week:


Look! Here comes Friday.

I’ll count down ’til 5 p.m.

to watch Parks & Rec.


Up early today?

Farmers market FTW.

Check out this goat cheese.


We’ll go out on Sat.

I’ll be useless on Sunday.

Maybe Monday, too.


TGIF Friends!

Oh wait, it isn’t pay day.

Guess it’s still Ramen.


Rihanna, Ke$ha,

my girls Gwen, Pink and Fergie.

Ladies do pregame.


How is it midnight?

Oh gosh, it’s officially

Sunday. Now I cry.


Sunday already?

But I had so many dreams

for this weekend. HMPF!