You MUST try these hacks to hit next-level Netflix

We all love to love Netflix, and we do even more now with these next-level hacks that you must try.

1. Netflix Party

Ever want to watch a movie with a friend or significant other, but they’re across the country? Now you can. Introducing Netflix Party, a Chrome extension that allows you to not only watch a movie “together,” but you can also watch the same scenes at the same time. Pretty frickin’ cool. Not to mention, there’s also a chat window. In three easy steps, you’ll have a cross-country party! You just install it, open a video, and start or join a new party by hitting the “NP” button next to the address bar. Simple.

2. Netflix Socks

You know those nights when you’re binge-watching a show, yet you fall asleep and then struggle to remember where you left off? Netflix Socks will let you know. Crazy, huh? If you don’t move for a while, i.e., fell asleep, the socks will know and pause your show. How much better can life get?! And, if you’re tech-savvy, you can even make your own and choose a show pattern to download, too, like Daredevil or the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

3. New On Netflix

Don’t you hate when you hear something’s on the service, but you wait too long to watch it and then it’s suddenly gone? Not anymore. When you use New On Netflix, it’ll tell you what’s on its way out, what’s new, and everything that’s been removed (in case you’re curious).

4. Super Browse

Super Browse is a browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox. It adds a drop-down menu to your homepage, and you can view all of the subcategories. Super convenient, and you’ll find categories you didn’t even know existed. (Hello, Werewolf Horror Movies.)

5. Hidden Netflix Menu

Speaking of browsing, you’ll find a hidden menu when you press Shift+Alt+Left Click on a PC or Shift+Option+Click on a Mac. This will not only help with buffering (yes!), but will also enable you to adjust your bandwidth.

6. OttoPlay

If you can’t decide what to watch, and want to see many options at once as you would with a cable “guide,” the Chrome extension OttoPlay is for you. Once you add it, it’ll look like you’re channel-surfing — among Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube content,  divided among categories like comedy, drama, and so on. Prepare to be hooked.

7. Super Netflix

Want to change some of your video settings? Add this Chrome extension. With Super Netflix, you can do things like improve the video quality, control the volume, and upload custom subtitles in any language (!).

8. Watch In HD

Did you know that you can watch a lot of titles on the service in HD? A lot of subscriptions come with an HD option, yet not everyone knows it. First, see what plan you have on the Change Streaming Plan page, and then look in your Playback Settings and make sure your streaming is set to “High.” Experts recommend that your Internet speed is at least 5.0 megabits per second, so keep that in mind, too, and happy watching!

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