These amazing Oreo flavor hacks will revolutionize your snack life

Yesterday was National Oreo Cookie Day! This is a holiday I am more than happy to get behind. I love Oreos. Always have, always will. I like them plain. I like them in ice cream. I like them in peanut butter. Dunked in my iced coffee, even better. I even make tiramisu with them.

I generally buy the regular Oreo but as I gazed in awe at the myriad flavors now available, I got ideas. Why not bring home all the flavors. I mean, why ignore the outliers like Red Velvet, or Lemon Creme? Equality for Oreo cookies everywhere!

The contenders: The standard Oreo, Golden, Lemon Creme, Cinnamon Bun, Peanut Butter Creme, Chocolate Creme, Mint Creme, Birthday Cake, Berry Creme, limited-edition Filled Cupcake and the one I was most excited to try: Red Velvet.

Once home with 11 packages of Oreos I started to get creative. The only things better than 11 kinds of Oreo are the creative pairing you can make cookie versions of your favorite foods. So here are my favorite Oreo concoctions. Try them out! You may just invent your own personal cookie flavor.

The Chocolate PBJ: The brilliance of this combo qualifies as a life hack, I think. Really. It’s just taking One Berry Creme and one Peanut Butter Creme Oreo, discarding one of the cookie portions of each, and sandwiching the frosting together. The only thing better than a PBJ sandwich is a chocolate PBJ.

The Childhood Birthday Party Oreo: Yes, there is a Birthday Cake flavor, a chocolate cookie with a sweet rainbow filling. But I always had lemon cake with Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip frosting at my parties. Ps, thank you Katy Perry for bringing the frosting back, I was bereft when they stopped making it. So to simulate my childhood birthday cake a take two Lemon Creme Oreos and separate them. Set aside the sides without frosting. Then take two Birthday Cake Oreos. Peel the frosting out. Set aside the chocolate cookies for coffee dunking. Now alternate the Lemon Creme Oreo halves that have frosting on them with the birthday cake filling. Voila! It’s a two layer birthday cake.

Churros y chocolate: I adore the classic way to eat a churro, which is to dip it in a thick hot chocolate. To make this just pair a Cinnamon Bun Oreo with a Chocolate Oreo. You can sandwich the Cinnamon one between a separated Chocolate one, or even use two chocolate ones, setting aside the cookie haves from them if you want things to be extra chocolate-y.

Peanut butter cup: This is constructed like the PBJ, combining the Chocolate Creme and Peanut Butter Creme. Simple and perfect.

Thin Mint Oreo: Okay, so the Mint Creme Oreo is already Thin Mint-esque. But I think Thin Mints have a stronger chocolate kick, so I sandwich a Mint Creme half with a Chocolate Creme half to get the extra chocolate in. Try chilling it a bit first!

Frosted Cinnamon Bun: I tend to favor a cinnamon bun with a thick coating of frosting. So try taking one Golden Oreo and one Cinnamon Bun Oreo. Peel the frosting out of the Golden Oreo and Sandwich it in the Cinnamon Bun Oreo. Eat the leftover Golden halves on their own or dunk ’em in coffee or milk. Delightful. A healthy breakfast, I say.

A few of the special Oreo flavors were really best enjoyed all on their own. I adored the Red Velvet and the  Filled Cupcake flavors by themselves. And of course, I still love the original. Whichever flavor you pick to celebrate the holiday, have fun with it!