This hack for not getting makeup on your shirt is only *slightly* disturbing

We’ll admit it, we don’t exactly have the self-discipline to put on our shirt before putting on makeup. Sorry, but there are outfit changes to consider! Not to mention all the times you decide to go for a last minute lippie only to find it absolutely clashes with your outfit of the day. Hey, some things are just out of our control.

If you’ve ever had a morning that just went totally out of order, you’re going to want to hear about this hack for not getting makeup on your clothes. Is the answer the perfect translucent powder or a setting spray with freezing powers that would give Queen Elsa a run for her money? Nope. It’s actually a whole lot simpler than that. false

Twitter user @_evamariie posted a hack for keeping your collars foundation-free, and it’s incredibly genius. All you have to do is put a plastic bag loosely over your head, slide on your top, and you’re good to go. Yes, it might be a tad creepy to put a bag over your head, but the payoff seems to be worth it. We’re seriously considering stashing one in our purses just in case we happen to hit a fitting room with a couple of pretty white blouses.

Now that we can shower with our makeup on, we can also blend and contour without a second thought to ruining our outfits.

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Welcome to the future, people.

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