This hack will let you make any emoji your Twitter like icon

So, you may have noticed that a few days ago, there was something different about Twitter, something a little off. Favoriting with a star was no longer an option. It was instead replaced with a heart, a like button.

As with any of our social media standbys, we get used to how things work and tend to (not always, but most of the time) be annoyed when they change something up on us. Luckily for us, Google Chrome and Firefox exist and, of course, there’s a browser extension which offers a hack that allows you to replace Twitter’s new like button with any emoji you want — AKA ultimate customization!

Add in the fact that the hack only takes about 30 seconds and just like that, we’ve already downloaded it and changed our Twitter like button to a purse. No, really you can do that…or you can change it to a hat or a unicorn or a red 100. It’s a big decision.

Her are the directions, via the amazing people Seventeen:

1. First, download the “Stylish” extension for Chrome or Firefox.

2. Next you’re going to copy the code below (but be sure to put in your chosen emoji where it says “INSERT YOUR EMOJI OF CHOICE​”) and paste it in the main window of Stylish:​

.HeartAnimationContainer {visibility: hidden;}.HeartAnimationContainer:after {content: ‘INSERT YOUR EMOJI OF CHOICE’;visibility: visible;display: block;position: absolute;}​

(Image via Shutterstock.)

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