8 habits you should be done with by the time you’re 30

The big three-oh. Dirty 30. Whatever you want to call it, you’re not who you used to be after crossing the threshold into your 30s. Hopefully, you’re more mature, ~refined~, and a little more sure of yourself. And no longer indulging these habits that you typically ditch by age 30 can result in the ultimate glow-up.

That’s not to say that people of any age group can’t struggle with these bad habits, and we certainly don’t mean you should search for a time machine if you’re still doing some of this stuff in your 30s.

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Instead, take it as a time for continued growth, applying all the hard-earned lessons you learned in your 20s and the chance to blossom into your best self like the adulting boss that you are.

The world may not tilt on its axis to signal your arrival into your 30s (although everyone thinks it does), but *you* will know you’re there when you nix one or more of these bad habits.

1Non-stop partying during the week.

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Unless you’re a cast member on The Real Housewives, this is probably one of those habits that you will let go of by the time you’re 30 — whether you want to or not. ICYDK, getting plastered before you reach three decades and after you enter your 30s are vastly different experiences.

2Doing things only because your friends are.

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Having a #twinning lifestyle is what you think about when you haven’t reached a certain level of maturity, which makes sense because when we’re younger, our friendships are literally everything.

But even if your future life path isn’t crystal clear by the time you hit 30 (which is totally fine), just concentrate on doing you — even if it’s a completely different look from your core friend group, who are happily married with 1.5 children and two cute pets.

3Not setting boundaries with your parents.

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Ugh, the struggle of respectfully convincing the people who birthed, raised, and fed you that you are still their child, just not a child. It’s a tough battle, but asserting yourself to your parents ensures that they respect you as an individual who makes her own decisions, earns her own income, and does her best to take care of herself.

4Staying in crappy relationships that don’t serve you.

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Whether it’s a romantic relationship that soured long ago or a platonic friendship between you and someone with whom you have a ton of history, toxic people deserve to be expeditiously escorted out of your life.

5Not setting and keeping regular doctor’s appointments.

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Listen, none of us like going to the doctor. It’s cold and uncomfortable, and enduring all that poking and prodding seriously makes us want to head for the hills, never to see the inside of a physician’s office again. But considering how much your body changes when you turn 30, it’s even more critical to get regular physical checkups.

6Ignoring your credit score.

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That three-digit number that you didn’t pay the slightest attention to before suddenly starts to become more important when your credit score begins to impact your life. According to Business Insider, a lackluster credit score can cause your bills to increase, keep you from getting hired, cause your loan application to be rejected, or keep you from landing a date.

7Reckless spending.

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Remember all those shopping sprees you charged to your Forever 21 credit card, vacations and fashion hauls that were oh-so-gratifying back in the day? Welp, the toll that they take on your bank account and your credit score can haunt you for years, making things like home ownership or even saving money more difficult.

8Not getting enough rest.

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Gone are the days when your body will tolerate skimpy amounts of sleep. Studies show that your sleep patterns sometimes worsen in your 30s. Although bouncing back from a night of 2-3 hours of shut-eye was super easy in your 20s, it will benefit you (and your) body if you’re more intentional about getting the ideal amount of sleep for your age group.

If you’re still getting a grip on some of these bad habits, no one’s here to judge you. But now that you know better, you can do better in order to make your 30s your most productive, healthy and fulfilling decade yet.

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