H2O+ Beauty’s new lip balms and gels are perfect for all your makeout sessions

One of the few consistent things that unite people of varying races, genders, and sexual orientations is the love of making out. When you’ve found the right temporary or long-term partner, there are few feelings better than sinking into a kissing session. Which is why H2O+ Beauty’s new lip balms and gels may be just the medicine you need in your love life, in order to keep your lips plump and your pout moisturized.

So now, in preparation for the rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day festivities, the folks over at H2O+ Beauty will be launching a new line of Oasis Lip Balms and gels to ensure you and your partner have the softest makeout session.

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While the items will not be available for purchase until they officially launch on Valentine’s Day, you can sign up for the waiting list for a few of them on the website!

We decided to share a peek of the new set regardless because they’ll be available sooner than later!

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The new Oasis L-Balms are packed with natural beeswax, which helps nourish your lips this kissing season!


The Oasis Lip Gel in Blue Crush from H2O+ Beauty, $12


You can email [email protected] if you want to be added to the waiting list for this little number or any of the others listed in this article.

The Oasis Lip Gel in Cloud Wine from H2O+ Beauty, $12


This is a perfect vampy look if you want to leave a mark during your makeout session.

The Oasis Lip Gel in Coral Authority from H2O+ Beauty, $12


This is a lip color you wear while making out on a boat, or at a state park.

The Oasis Lip Gel in Currant Mood from H2O+ Beauty, $12


This lip color looks like a delicious flavor of gelato we want to eat forever.

The Oasis Lip Gel in Clear as Day from H2O+ Beauty, $12


No one will ever know you were smooching with this shade on!

The Oasis Lip Gel in Clear as Day from H2O+ Beauty, $12


This seems like a perfect hue for those days when you just wanna go natural!

Be sure to check out the available sneak peeks of the Oasis Lip Colors and sign up for the waiting list on the H2O+ Beauty website as we wait for their release!

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