Here’s what attracted Naomi Watts to her complex character in Netflix’s “Gypsy”

Naomi Watts’ new TV series Gypsy landed on Netflix last Friday — and it’s serving up all kinds of juicy, complex drama.

The show, which also stars Billy Crudup, revolves around a therapist named Jean (Naomi Watts), who becomes so obsessed with the lives of her patients that she begins to seduce the people she hears about during their sessions. 

Pretty scandalous, huh?

Well, according to Watts, Jean is actually kind of all of us — only she actually goes through with her wildest, darkest fantasies.

"I'm always interested in human flaws, and she's definitely full of them. I feel like everyone has a dark side, everyone has desires, but not all of us act on them in the same way she does," Watts told E! News of why she wanted to be a series regular on this particular show. "Therefore, it makes it interesting. It's kind of like a cautionary tale. We get to stay home in the safety of our own environment with the people we love and we don't have to be completely self-destructive."

The complexity of Jean’s story in Gypsy also attracted another big-name talent — director Sam Taylor-Johnson, who helmed Fifty Shades of Grey.

BUT,  Taylor-Johnson cautioned, don’t go trying to compare Jean with Anastasia Steele.

“[Jean] is a strong woman who is seeking independence and her own sense of power,” she told The Guardian. “She has been feeling consumed by suburban life and breaks free of that.”

The ONE similarity between the two characters? “They are women who enjoy sex,” Taylor-Johnson confirmed.

Now, excuse us while we go binge allllll of this intriguing drama.

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