This gymnast’s Harry Potter routine is knocking our Hogwarts house socks off

Accio entertaining video! If you’re in the mood to watch a gymnastics routine that will bring a nostalgic tear to your eye, boy do we have just the thing. Belgian gymnast Axelle Klinckaert performed Harry Potter-themed floor routine at the 2018 DTB Cup in Stuttgart, Germany, and the choreography will knock your house color-striped socks off.

The routine is set to a version of John Williams’ epic “Hedwig’s Theme.” We don’t know about you, but those first eight notes will never cease to send chills over our entire body. It’s musical magic.

Klinckaert takes us through a variety of characters and scenes from the Harry Potter films within her minute-long routine. We watch her duel like Harry dueled with Draco in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. She then flies like Hedwig — or maybe even Buckbeak in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Azkaban.

The soundtrack breaks down into a techno beat and Klinckaert wraps up the act with back handsprings, leaps, and spins, and finally finishes with “wand” upright and in-hand.

It  feels like we just watched the entire Harry Potter franchise in a matter of seconds. You can check out Klinckaert’s routine below:

Klinckaert’s Harry Potter-themed routine certainly sets itself apart from the competition. But some people in the comments aren’t too sure if they’re on board with her choreography.

One YouTube commenter wrote, "Ugh that's original, but it's so strange!" Another wrote, "Ok Harry Potter music? Is she 'wand fighting'?? I'm very confused lol."


But the positive comments outnumber the negative. "Belgian floor choreography is always my favorite! I LOVE this routine," one fan wrote. And another added, "Say whatever you want, but her FX is always original. It's not just boring tumbling and no choreography."

We’re obviously big fans of Klinckaert and her creative choreography. Honesty, work Harry Potter into anything and we’ll love it.

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