World’s coolest gym teacher used the Whip and the Nae Nae for PE class

I can only speak for myself, but I used to dread PE — not so much the educational part of it, but definitely the physical part. Maybe I would have felt a little differently if I had a PE teacher like Jason Paschall, who created a ridiculously fun warm up routine for his students at Harvest Elementary in Alabama. His invention was an immediate hit, maybe because it’s set to the most in-your-head-at-all-times songs of the summer, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”

Mr. Paschall heard that his young students liked a song, so he incorporated it into his classes? What a cool gym teacher! The health benefits of kids moving around and breaking a sweat are even cooler. After learning the routine, the students wanted their other teachers to learn the steps so they could all dance together. When Mr. Paschall saw how enthusiastic the whipping and the nae nae-ing made all of his pupils, he decided to film it for all the Internet to enjoy. His video, where he demonstrates the warm up with 18 of his students, has racked up almost 800,000 views and probably inspired at least one person to try it at home (yes, that person is me).

Anyone can follow along!

First, you Whip.

Then, you Nae Nae. Obviously.

Between dancing, fit in some classic cardio moves, like lunges, high-knees, and push-ups.

Finish off your warm up by striking a pose. Bonus points if that pose means throwing yourself dramatically to the ground.

Mr. Paschall recently sent this video to Michelle Obama in hopes that she would include it in her “Let’s Move” program – no word on whether she tried the dance routine yet, but I’m positive she would rock it.

Last year, Mr. Paschall was awarded Teacher of the Year, and at this rate, he might be looking at a two-year winning streak.

And if I keep doing this video, I might someday be able to do more than three push-ups.

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