Gwyneth Paltrow’s Halloween costume was her head in a box from the movie “Seven”

It’s the day before Halloween, which means every famous person has already cycled through one (or two, or three) costumes already. One of those people is Gwyneth Paltrow, who rocked the most subtle, yet clever costume ever. She went as her own head in a box from the movie Seven. When we first saw this photo of Paltrow with her head in a shipping box, we were like, “huh?” But after a beat, we were like, “Omigod this is genius. And also disturbing.”

By the way, this post contains spoilers about the 1995 film Seven (or Se7en as it was stylized), so continue if you dare…

In the Halloween photo, Paltrow sits in a bathtub with a box around her head. Her boyfriend Brad Falchuk is dressed all in orange, like a prisoner. This Halloween costume is actually a recreation of the scene in Seven where a serial killer in an orange jumpsuit (played by Kevin Spacey) sends Brad Pitt’s character a box with his wife’s severed head inside. And who played Pitt’s wife? GWYNETH “THE HALLOWEEN KWEEN” PALTROW.

You can watch the full scene here. Don’t worry, you don’t actually SEE the head, but it’s still intense.

If you’ve ever heard someone saying “What’s in the box?” — they are likely quoting this movie.

Anybody could go as “Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box from Seven” for Halloween, but only Paltrow could go as her OWN head in a box from Seven. Damn. Paltrow just won Halloween. Everyone else pack up. Game over.

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