Here’s what Gwyneth Paltrow has to say about people “hating” her

The mainstream media has been pretty nasty to Gwyneth Paltrow at times — like, say, back in 2013, when Star named Gwyneth the Most Hated Celebrity. People seem to so easily forget that famous people are still human beings with feelings. So, what is it like for an actor to live with the knowledge that strangers supposedly “hate” her just for being herself? Gwyneth recently opened up in a new interview with Stephen Sackur, host of BBC News’ “Hard Talk,” at the Cannes Lions, and had some intriguing things to say.

Gwyneth was, understandably, pretty shocked by the title. “First of all I was like, ‘I’m the most hated celebrity?’” she said. “More than, like, Chris Brown? What did I do?”


“I see where you are coming from, but maybe you just make people feel bad sometimes,” Stephen responded.

However, the Goop founder stood her ground, explaining that she can understand why people would be put off by her, but that her “intention” was never to make anyone feel bad about themselves. “All I can do is be my authentic self, and if you know me, then you know who I am, and that I have fun and eat and am so appreciative for my life,” she said. “But I think there are things about me that make people draw conclusions.

She is particularly bothered by the idea that people think she’s a “Hollywood princess” who never had to work for her career. In fact, Gwyneth said she didn’t have a trust fund and has supported herself since leaving college:

We totally love that Gwyneth is refusing to let haters bring her down — and in fact setting the record straight that there is more to her career than people assume. Honestly, between her acting career, her Goop newsletter, and her cookbooks, we think Gwyneth is pretty damn amazing — and anyone who doesn’t see that is missing out.


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