We just found out that Gwyneth and Apple are total mother-daughter twins

Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter, Apple, are totally twinning.

Whenever we get to see Apple, it’s always a treat: Remember when we got a glimpse of her rocking out on guitar like her daddy, Coldplay front man Chris Martin?

It seems like the precocious 11-year-old has just as much in common with her mom, too, according to the photo that Gwyneth posted on Instagram last night. Apple’s definitely inherited her mother’s soulful eyes and beachy blonde locks. And, judging by the similarity in their haircuts, we might hazard a guess that they also share a stylist.

Despite Gwyneth’s recent split from Chris, the family thankfully still gets a lot of bonding time in. As Gwyneth told Glamour in its March 2016 issue:

Apple and her brother, Moses, aren’t unusual sights on their mom’s Instagram feed (Can you blame her? They’re adorable!), but it’s less common for Gwyneth to grace us with an au natural side-by-side mom-and-daughter selfie. Here are more of our favorite Apple moments: Still twinning, even on Halloween.

The girl has good taste in shades.

She’s also BFFs with Beyoncé.

Gwyneth seems like a pretty cool mom. She did once say that she would let Apple wear her famous pink Ralph Lauren Oscars dress from 1999 to prom. Um, we’d totally take her up on that!