Gwen Stefani spent Valentine’s Day alone in bed, and so much yes

She has one of the most talked-about celebrity romances out there, so it’s very intriguing that Gwen Stefani ended up spending Valentine’s Day alone. The best part about it? She spent her time in quite possibly the best place ever — bed.

We’ve been there too, Gwen. And while it sounds kind of sad from the outside, it truly is the most glorious way to spend the holiday.

When asked about her plans during the Revlon’s “Choose Love” event the other day, Stefani was open and honest about what she had in store.

"I am going to be in bed. I have no kids here, no nobody here," Stefani said during the 'Love, Life, and Makeup' panel.

Even better, it’s not just an ordinary bed. It was a bed at a hotel.

"It’s an empty hotel room. It’s gonna be so awesome. No one’s gonna ask for anything. It’s gonna be silent," Stefani continued.

Stefani is a mother of three, so she definitely needs this type of break. Sometimes a little bit of peace and quiet is all you could want from a holiday.

As for Blake Shelton, we’re guessing he might have spent the holiday with this stuffed bear that he seems rather fond of.

(We’re sure Stefani would have loved it, but probably not to the level Shelton did.)

Stefani also celebrated love a few days ago, with a random gift from a secret admirer.

Beautiful, festive red nails for free? Watch out there, Blake — you might have some competition!

We definitely hope that Stefani enjoyed her relaxing Valentine’s Day — we’ve taken note, and might just follow in her footsteps next year!

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