Pharrell calls Gwen Stefani’s new track “feminist.” We just call it awesome.

Gwen Stefani has a new “feminist” track, and no, we’re not talking about “Baby Don’t Lie.” After an eight year hiatus, Gwen is back and sharing tracks from her pending album. The latest release is, “Spark The Fire.” Of course, there’s some album art to accompany the track’s release. True to her affinity with Harajuku culture, Stefani appears to be floating with a bunch of cartoon emojis that we really wish existed IRL.

So why “feminist” you ask? Well Pharrell was the one who said that the song is “about feminism.” He might need to do a close reading to explain that to us, but for now we’ll take his word for it.

As Refinery29 so eloquently put it,

The track, produced by Pharrell, is reminiscent of Gwen’s classic drum line anthems like “Hollaback Girl.” Considering the fact that Pharrell also produced “Hollaback Girl,” that makes perfect sense.

Feminist anthem or not, we’re still loving the track and we’ll ALWAYS love Gwen. Give it a listen here. Oh! And don’t forget to check the sneak peek for the song’s music video here. Is it Saturday night yet?

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