Gwen Stefani rocked slime-inspired hair at the Kids’ Choice Awards, and it’s surprisingly sophisticated

Of course, we not only look at this rock star as the music superstar that she is, but also as a hair and fashion icon. Now, Gwen Stefani rocked slime-inspired hair at the Kids’ Choice Awards on March 11th, reported Hollywood Life, and it’s surprisingly sophisticated. We know, we know, she NEVER fails to impress us, and now she did so again. And, Stefani brought the best dates to the awards — her sons, Apollo, Kingston, and Zuma Rossdale. And, no, before you ask, Blake Shelton was not there. ☹

But, back to the topic at hand: Stefani’s hair. We LOVE the slime-green-colored ends of Stefani’s hair — and her matching slime-themed outfit.


Here she is with her sons. Awww.


If you think you’re seeing green all around Stefani, you’re right. It looks like the lighting people were creating a green aura around her. Deservedly so, amirite?! ?


But, Stefani didn’t start out the night with green hair and her green and white dress, as PopSugar reported. You can see for yourself here.


See? No green.


After she walked the red carpet, Stefani changed. Yup, just like Superman! Well, Superwoman, of course!

Here she is presenting Ellen DeGeneres with an award. Btw, DeGeneres won three awards — “Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie” (Finding Dory, of course), “Favorite Animated Movie” (yup, Finding Dory again!), and “#Squad.” W-o-w and congrats!


And this picture gives us all the feels.


Want more? Here’s Stefani with another superwoman at the Kids’ Choice Awards, Heidi Klum.


And check this out — the fluorescent green part of Stefani’s hair blends in so well in this photo, you can barely tell it’s her hair and not part of her outfit!


And you may think Stefani’s dyed hair ends look familiar. She’s done it before, aka last summer — with black.


Of course, we love all of Stefani’s hairstyles and looks. But the slime green hair? Yesss, please. Added bonus? The slime-themed dress. Brb while we go do more research on them.

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