Gwen Stefani revealed one of the songs on her “makeout playlist”

One of the most exciting developments in celebs we love falling in love has been the unexpected romance between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. And Stefani just revealed one of her makeout playlist songs on the most recent episode of The Voice (where the pair met), and we’re very into this.

It all went down when Hunter Plake — a contestant on Stefani’s team — sang Foreigner’s 1984 “I Want to Know What Love Is.

"You took a song that's actually on my makeout playlist," Stefani said after he finished. Prompting an "Ewww" from Adam Levine, a "That's cute," from Alicia Keys, and a "I told you I knew that song," from Shelton (lol).

We’re personally just kind of jazzed to know that a.) Someone as cool as Gwen has a makeout playlist (because we thought that was something we just did by ourselves in geeky secret), and, b.) That she populates it with such melodramatic songs (also, like us).

There’s no shame in that game, Gwen, and we’re glad to see you owning it.

We also just love geeking out over the obvious friendship between the four current Voice judges. They’ve been super open about how well they all get along IRL, with Levine recently commenting that,

It’s so cool that we are really close. Blake and Alicia and Shakira and Usher and Pharrell. It’s like holy s—, I was able to make all these new friends I never would’ve made in a million years. We were brought together by this crazy show. I feel so lucky to have at least at the end of the day, beyond the show itself, to have made really good friends.

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So here’s to unlikely friendships, delightful singing competitions, and of course — makeout playlists.

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