Gwen Stefani brought her kids to Blake Shelton’s ranch, and, awwwww

Gwen Stefani totally ruled our middle school experience. We spent hours lip synching to “Rich Girl,” and prom was not complete without us breaking out our newest moves to “The Sweet Escape.” She has always been the cool girl we wished was our best friend but admired from afar.

And now, she’s making us say “Awww” out loud with her latest Snapchats taken on a day off at Blake Shelton’s ranch on Oklahoma. Seriously, guys. Just look at this!

Gwen took a break from her This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour to take her kids, dancers, and bandmates to the ranch for a group outing (now that’s a pretty awesome #BOSS MOVE!). And it looks like everyone was having a genuinely awesome, super low key time.

Not to mention we got to see the couple in their (sort of) natural habitat, and it looks like they are truly and totally as in love IRL as they seem to be out in public. Which, basically, just gives us the feels in a big way.

We wish the pair all the best and seriously can’t wait to see some more of these epic Snapchats! Until then, we’ll just keep obsessing over Gwen’s Insta…

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