Gwen Stefani’s Dip-Dyed Ponytail Is Super Bold and Super Cool

Because of course it's cool.

She’s done it again. Gwen Stefani, whose been trying out a bunch of different things with her dip-dyed hair, went for a full brunette ponytail—stemming from her platinum roots! Makeup artist Michael Anthony showed off Stefani’s latest ‘do in a September 9th Instagram, and it’s just such a good look.

Stefani, who previously did a black and white colorblock look, as well as a dip-dyed ponytail with far less color, is now rocking a fully colored ponytail (at least for now). Her high pony, which is one of her signature hairstyles, even has a bit of the darker color wrapped around the base for some extra oomph.

Hairdresser Sami Knight is responsible for Stefani’s latest hairstyle, which is to be expected considering he’s also been responsible for her other two-tone styles that have already become iconic.

Stefani stepped out in a dark and light colorblock look for The Voice back in May but she had a dip dye all the way back to last year—and she’s been playing with the color ever since. And while we loved when she had the dip-dyed ponytail that was only the ends, this more dramatic ponytail is even cooler.

As an icon in the punk rock scene for many years now, Stefani has always kept her style in line with those vibes. While she’s almost exclusively been platinum blonde for as long as we’ve known her, the colorblocking trend and dip-dye experimentation still fit that punk rock vibe. And now that she’s gone and done this cool AF ponytail, we can’t wait to see what she does next. We also would just really love to see the collection of wigs, hair pieces, and extensions she’s working with, because she always looks flawless!

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