Gwen Stefani just moved heaven and earth to get to Blake Shelton’s concert

Gwen Stefani’s Friday night reads like the plot of a Hollywood comedy: After missing her flight to Missouri to see beau Blake Shelton sing in Kansas City, Gwen and her sister-in-law, Jenny Stefani, moved Heaven and Earth to make it there on time. And she shared the story with her 2.4 million Twitter followers.

It seems Gwen missed her flight’s boarding call. Rather than getting special treatment for being famous, she had to watch her plane fly away without her:

“There it goes, there goes the plane we missed,” she said. “It’s sitting there. They’re not letting us on. And we’re screwed. We’re not coming to see you tonight. Sorry.” But, low and behold! She managed to find another flight with her pal. Huzzah! And she was able to get a drink on board.

During their layover in Phoenix, the Stefanis even managed to make new friends at the airport bar, as we all do:

She even managed to razz some tabloids that suggested she and Shelton were on the outs:

Like all of us, Gwen worried about her bag getting lost:

Luckily, the bag made it, too! (That’s the real miracle.)

And, like all comedies, the story had a happy ending: Gwen made it to Blake’s concert!

Yay! Love does conquer all—even missed flights!

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