Gwen Stefani took Blake Shelton on the perfect childhood date for their (almost) one year anniversary!

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton owe a huge “thank you” to The Voice for helping their relationship to flourish. The couple met while hosting on the NBC network show, and since, have been living out a fairytale of a romance.

As reported by People, in celebration of their one year anniversary, Gwen took Blake to her Anaheim childhood home. Afterwards couple spent a magical day in neighboring Disneyland!

Gwen documented their adventure for fans on her social media accounts — and we have to say, witnessing her excitement was the cutest thing ever!


The @gwenandblake Instagram account pulled together the most perfect compilation of Gwen’s social media posts from the day, making sure fans didn’t miss a beat!

The couple just definitely entered serious relationship territory, for sure! And Gwen taking Blake to the infamous Beacon House — where she and her No Doubt bandmates lived and recored their first album — let’s us know that she wants Blake to be a bigger part of her life. We’re not saying that we foresee wedding bliss in the near future, or anything. However, if things keep heading in the right direction, you never know what could happen next!


Love is definitely in the air!

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