Some people are speculating that Gwen and Blake are planning a wedding, because of course

Hollywood relationships—we all know it—break our hearts as often as the people in them break each other’s. So all this speculation that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are getting hitched after a mere four months together? Let’s just cool down until it’s official.

According to a People article, an insider close to Stefani claims that the two are heading toward marriage at breakneck pace, claiming, “They seem too perfect for each other for it to just be fluke. For now, they seem happy with their relationship, but Blake is old-fashioned and a future engagement seems very possible.”

Blake Shelton might be old-fashioned, it seems unlikely that he’s ready to get remarried less than a year after divorcing fellow country star Miranda Lambert. The couple was together for more than a decade, marrying after a six year courtship, so a quickie second marriage doesn’t seem quite in character for Shelton.

Additionally, Gwen Stefani, despite looking perpetually 22 years old, has three children with ex-husband Gavin Rosdale to consider. That relationship also lasted thirteen year, so it’s likely that while Stefani and Shelton are enjoying the hell out of their rebound relationship, maybe we should all let them take it slow in the marriage department. 

Still, it’s great to see such vivacious stars bouncing back together. The two made their first official red-carpet walk together at last weekend’s Vanity Fair post-Oscars party. Stefani posted this picture of her incredible sheer red gown with rose petal accents this morning.  

Not only is the dress a stunner, we can’t help but notice Shelton’s extreme attentiveness to his new GF. Okay, fine, we’re sold: this is definitely a couple to root for. Just don’t start sounding the wedding bells until we get an official report from the stars or their reps—no matter how many anonymous “insiders” sound off.

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