Guys, we have yet ANOTHER Taylor Swift Doppelganger

Yes, Taylor Swift may already have a girl squad – but if she ever wants to create another one, she can always turn to her ever-growing list of doppelgängers. There’s 19-year-old Olivia Sturgess. A look-alike grandma. And now… we have 21-year-old Keitra Jane.

Keitra looks just like Swift – down to the details. She has perfectly quaffed blonde bangs, wears red lipstick like a champ, and she also sports piercing blue eyes. But, the similarities don’t stop there! Based on Keitra’s Instagram account, she and Swift also have a lot in common, personality-wise. Just like Taylor, Keitra loves to bake (and cleverly caption her snapshots):

Both ladies are devoted cat lovers and often travel with their feline companions:

Most importantly, both Keitra and Swift are all about spreading positive vibes. Once the world began to find out that Keitra looks a lot like the iconic singer, she was asked to star in an Alex Boye music video for his song “African Hipster.” Unfortunately, this paved the way for online bullying, with one commenter referring to Keitra as a “fatter Taylor Swift.”

In a fashion that would make Ms. Swift herself proud, Keitra stayed positive and decided to use these criticisms as an opportunity to talk about eating disorders (since she coped with one in high school) and to promote body positivity:

If Taylor Swift ever needs to take a day off, then she could definitely look to Keitra for assistance and know that her Swifties are in good hands. Because both women are equally awesome, all-around wonderful, and cat-friendly.

(Images via Instagram)

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