Guys, Tom Hardy is reading another bedtime story, and we’re totally not prepared

Guys, we don’t mean to alarm anyone but Tom Hardy is reading another bedtime story, and we’re 100% not prepared for it.

Over the past few months, Tom Hardy has been exciting people all over the world by reading bedtime stories on British children’s TV channel, CBeebies. The actor, whose show Taboo was recently recommissioned for a second season, started off the bedtime reading on New Year’s Eve, and it was possibly the most relaxing and soothing we’ve experienced all year. If that wasn’t enough, Hardy then gifted us all with another bedtime story on Valentine’s Day (!), and we just couldn’t handle how adorable it all was.

Well, it’s just been revealed that Tom Hardy will be recounting another bedtime story this weekend.

Hardy will read the story on Sunday night (March 26th), which is Mother’s Day in the U.K. What’s more, there’s now a trailer for the television event, and OMG!

In the clip, Hardy can be seen wearing a red cardigan (swoon) and some casual jeans, as he’s joined by a cuddly looking polar bear. Indeed, Hardy will be reading There’s A Bear On My Chair by Ross Collins, which tells the story of an angry mouse who wants a bear to, well, get off his chair.

"I think that there's enough room for our mouse and bear to sit together here," Hardy says in the clip. "Because it's good for a mouse and a bear to share."

Once the trailer was announced, it’s safe to say that people on Twitter were pretty darn excited that Tom would be returning to read another bedtime story.

If you’re in the U.K. and Tom Hardy reading bedtime stories is your kind of thing, you can catch There’s A Bear On My Chair on Sunday, March 26th, at 6:5o pm GMT.  We’re sure it’ll make it’s way online shortly after that…

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