Guys, Tom Hardy read another bedtime story for Valentine’s Day and we just can’t handle it

Stop what you’re doing, take a seat, and prepare to SWOON: Tom Hardy has read another bedtime story, and this time was for Valentine’s Day *dies*.

When he’s not being a broodingly handsome but terribly dark character on screen, avoiding questions about becoming James Bond, being an dad, putting a stop to sexist questions, or playing with adorable dogs, Tom Hardy can now be found reciting children’s stories on British television, and it might be the best thing to happen in the history of things to ever happen.

Yep, last night (February 14th) in the U.K. Tom Hardy sat down in a large red puffa jacket and read a story, and we can’t quite contain ourselves.

While last time Tom read You Must Bring a Hat, written by Simon Philip and illustrated by Kate Hindley, yesterday he opted for a different story, The Cloudspotter by Tom McLaughlin.

"Hi, I'm Tom. I’m just doing some cloud-spotting, he opens. "If you look very carefully, you can see lot’s of different shapes in the clouds in the sky.

Much like the woman in this video, we basically couldn’t handle what was going on. And neither, it seems, could people on the internet.

Tbh, we agree with the above *starts petition to get Tom Hardy to read War & Peace*.



Okay, we’re not quite sure how we’re going to move on from Tom Hardy reading us a bedtime story. In fact, we might have to play the two stories every night before bedtime. Here’s hoping that throughout 2017, Hardy decides to drop in every now and then to read another lovely bedtime story. By how things are shaping up, it looks like we’re going to need it…

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