Guy’s reaction when he learns he’s gonna be a dad makes our hearts swell

Our new favorite video has our hearts beating to the tune of “Walking on Sunshine” as our eyes fill with a sparkling pool of happy tears. That’s how great it is. Trust us on this one.

Here’s what happened. When Dana Griffin-Graves found out that she was expecting a baby, it was the equivalent of a miracle. “After 4 miscarriages and 1 stillborn birth, we had given up on the idea of having babies of our own, especially at our age…But God!” she writes. She also warns us before we get a chance to hit the play button by proclaiming, “Have your tissues ready!” (Seriously. Grab all the tissues you can find.)

To surprise her husband Arkell with this life-changing news, she came up with a clever idea. Before her husband began to prepare dinner, she sneakily put some buns (like, literal buns) in the oven. Then, right next to them, she arranged the ultrasound photos. (Dana is a genius, BTW.)

As her husband is standing by the stove, the mom-to-be mentions that she has something in the oven. He opens it, pauses for a moment, and turns around with the biggest smile plastered across his face. “You’re pregnant! You’re pregnant!” he screams with excitement.

Right after, his wife explains that the baby is due February 16th. She adds, “And it’s a boy.” What results is the most beautiful display of fatherly love. Arkell bursts out crying because his happiness cannot be contained. “I’ve never been that excited before in my life and I mean not mainly for myself, for her,” he told WRIC.

As for Dana, she was completely blown away by her husband’s emotional reaction. “His reaction was just priceless,” she says. “I wasn’t expecting that at all. I knew that he would probably be emotional but I definitely was not expecting the reaction I received.”

To make this moment even more meaningful, it’s important to mention that this couple has been trying to have children for 17 years. “It was definitely a struggle. A roller coaster with emotions going back and forth. I got to the point where I was you know what, I want to stop trying,” admits Dana.

All in all, this proves that you should never, never, never give up hope. Congrats to this couple!

(Image via YouTube)

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